Nick Girdler


First name Nick
Last name Girdler


Nickname ? bellysmate
Pangbourne career highlight to date ? getting picked again after debut
Preferred room-mate on tour ? davina mccall
Most amusing moment on the cricket field ? Watching nick bell field
Cricketing hero ? Gordon Greenidge
Favourite band ? Light of the World. You had to there, and need to be over 45 to remember.
Favourite website ? MILF
Favourite film ? The taking of Pelham 123. guzunti !
Favourite TV programme ? Ski Sunday
Favourite tipple ? Gin and tonic. On the slopes
Favourite meal and restaurant ? Anywhere, anything and paid for by a woman
Three things you'd take to a desert island ? A gorgeous woman. A bed. And one of her friends
What do you do away from cricket ? Dream of being able to play it

All time top scores (view all)

Runs Date & opponents
7 May 06, 2018 v Goring (A)
2 April 20, 2008 v Whitchurch (H)
0 August 10, 2008 v West Ilsley (A)

All time top bowling figures (view all)

Figures Date & opponents
2-17 June 08, 2008 v Kingsclere (A)
0-15 May 06, 2018 v Goring (A)
0-21 August 10, 2008 v West Ilsley (A)