Pangbourne Cricket Club

The club continues to grow and develops well under the stewardship of the committee and the backing of the College.

A fresh season brings new games, players and teams which gives us all new challenges at the club, in other words the slate is clean.

It’s all our responsibility to improve on previous season’s efforts and work hard on fitness, batting, bowling and fielding, thus enabling the club to improve as a whole.

New for this year will be an effort to create a more structured net session, this should help us focus more on the above. Last seasons results were good for the club and it was a pleasure to be part of the team and all the social activities that have developed over the years.

I feel we’re developing a good playing attitude and with further application we can build on last year’s platform. Let’s work hard for ourselves and back up our teammates and ensure we improve on last year’s results.

Have a great season.